Mon. May 23rd, 2022
Taking the pink ride

First of a Series of Three

Jose Maria Sison, the butcher who sends his communist cadres in the Philippines to die for his cause and wage war against the Filipino people, has been living in undeserved comfort in Netherlands since 1987 ostensibly for his European lecture tour. In 1992, however, he was accorded by that country a recognized political refugee status.

I sense that this Dutch hospitality and protection cannot be without tacit pressure from the United States, to prevent him from being extradited to the Philippines to be tried for war crimes against humanity – the same country that lists him as a dangerous terrorist.

Last year a report by the Philippine News Agency, spoke of several multi-sectoral groups believing that the Dutch in providing a safe haven for the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founding chair “Joma” Sison only prolongs the sufferings of innocent civilians victimized by the atrocities of the CPP’s armed wing New People’s Army (NPA).

Members of Liga Independencia Pilipinas (LIPI), League of Parents of the Philippines (LPP), and Yakap ng Magulang, along with mothers of students who were reportedly recruited by various CPP’s front organizations, staged a picket rally in front of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Makati City to demand the termination of the asylum status given to Sison and his comrades in the European nation.

The protesters demanded that the Dutch government hand over Joma Sison and his comrades to the Philippine authorities because he is responsible for more than 52 years of killings, kidnappings, the radicalization of our youth, and exploitation of our indigenous peoples.”

Nothing came out of that protest.

“Joma” recently returned to the limelight, claiming himself to be the strategist of 1Sambayan, the pink coalition supporting Vice President Maria Leonor Robredo; an adviser to the presidential candidate, and a progenitor of American intervention in the Philippine elections.

The dangerous triad, a quad with the Americans?   |   Collage by Politiko

This we get straight from the horse’s mouth as he sent a video statement to YouTube on May 1, 2022. I reprint his statements in italics and follow it up with my content analysis.

Sison: If the elections of 2022 were to be clean and honest, the Duterte regime and its chosen successor, shaded by the Bongbong Sara Tandem, would be sure losers.

After abandoning his spent force in his homeland, Sison is obviously detached from the reality that President Rodrigo Roa Duterte enjoys an approval rating of 67.2 per cent as of April 2022 which is 2.3 percentage points higher than his rating in the first quarter of 2021.

His trust rating is very high at 61.2%, up 6.2% from the same period last year.                                                                 

The Bongbong-Sara Uniteam is posting anywhere between 62% and 56% among the top five pollsters – Social Weather Station, Pulse-Asia, Public, Laylo and Octa.

Sison: Bongbong and Sara represent the most corrupt and brutal political dynasties in the history of Filipino reactionary politics.

At least for Duterte and Bongbong’s father Ferdinand, this satisfies the propaganda peg of the communist terrorists but hardly does it confirm anything on the ground.

Despite wild allegations, the hidden wealth of former President Marcos has not been proven, in persona stolen. There have been sequestrations of suspected Marcos wealth, but they have only been manifested in rem for purposes of forfeiture, using the confiscatory powers of the State. Even the Supreme Court in G.R. 120880 was very careful in referring to them as “alleged ill-gotten” wealth pertaining to properties that were submitted by the PCGG for the BIR assessment of P23 billion.

This of course will be blown beyond wildest imagination by former associate justice of the Supreme Court Antonio Carpio to P203 billion, and used as smoke and mirror for the Robredo propaganda war against the Marcoses, but was too complex a bunch of lies, for the mind of the Filipino layman to absorb. What can you expect from a 1 Sambayan convenor anyway, even if he spent some time with the Philippine judiciary?

But lest we be sidetracked, on the matter of brutality, does Sison expect the State to treat persons who bore arms against its duly established government with less force that they impose? So what is superior force to stop a violent take-over of government which their only motive?

If the communist terrorists kill innocent civilians, especially indigenous peoples who refuse to be coopted by their lost cause, Sison calls it revolutionary justice. But if the soldiers and policemen his communist terrorists, he tags that as gruesome murder.

Sison: Their claims to being winners by virtue of paid slanted opinion poll surveys, social media, troll armies and use of state and corporate media have been proven to be false by the far larger and more enthusiastic mass rallies being mobilized by the 1Sambayan alliance behind the opposition candidates led by the Robredo-Pangilinan Tandem.

Paid and slanted? SWS and Pulse-Asia have verifiable interests with the opposition, like Grace Poe and the Aquinos. Laylo has been commissioned by the Albert Del Rosario Institute. Octa is run by people who are identified with the University of the Philippines. Publicus-Asia is a private corporation, whose principal collaborated with Isko Domagoso. All these personalities may be easily construed slanted in favor of the opposition, but never Duterte or Marcos Jr.

Cartoon courtesy of the Daily Tribune.

Sison: Unfortunately, tyrant Duterte controls the bureaucracy and the military, especially the Comelec and the electronic vote count. He will do everything in his power in order to rig the 2022 elections and make his successors winners through fraud and terrorism.

The premise that Duterte controls the bureaucracy and the military may be true, but the Commission on Elections is hardly a part of that bureaucracy because it is an independent constitutional body.

The analogy also applies to the vice presidency. Leni Robredo does not submit to President Duterte and is his greatest critic. Tyranny is hardly an adjective close to the former mayor of Davao who loves to consult his official family to determine best practices and priorities in governance.

On the matter of Smartmatic, the electronic vote count, the first beneficiary of automated cheating was Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III in 2010. The Comelec had to collapse all the minimum safeguards in the Automated Elections Systems Law to facilitate his rushed proclamation.

Aquino used it again to command a 60-30-10 proportionate count in 2013 in favor of the Liberal Party.

Vote command programming for 2016, however was spoiled by unpredicted majority voting for president, hence Duterte and not the programmed candidate Mar Roxas, staged an upset. The cheaters, however, succeeded in installing a fake vice president by only around 230,000 plurality our of 41 million votes cast.

What is Sison saying? That the cheaters are good for the goose but not the gander?

All of the seven Comelec commissioners are, however, now Duterte appointees. Does it necessarily follow that the president will use his influence to ensure BBM-Sara win?

Granting for the sake of argument, but without conceding, that Duterte is as greedy and callous as Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas, why would he even risk tainting his illustrious legacy on his way out when the ratio of BBM to Robredo has 35 percentile points between them?

For the first time since Edsa One, we are seeing a new batch of commissioners who are trying their best to be transparent in their respective roles in the electoral body. Smartmatic was the first to taste the new normal – being fined almost P100 million for a recent hacking incident involving its computer system. Before this, Smartmatic was “untouchable”.

 Sison: He’s worried to death that if the opposition wins, he would be arrested and brought to trial before the International Criminal Court for his crimes against humanity. He’s also afraid that the new government will prosecute and try him for plunder.

Any two-bit lawyer knows that cases filed in the International Criminal Court will be ignored if the in-country judicial system is working.

The Rome Statute or the treaty creating the ICC stipulates that they cannot supersede the sovereignty of any of its member countries. When they tried that with the United States, the Americans pulled out their membership, and so has the Philippines done similarly.

So how does the ICC establish jurisdiction over Duterte, much less the head of any state?

Killing insurgent forces and peddlers of prohibited drugs is the right of the State to defend itself. For starters, our official police figures are less than 7,000 but Duterte’s detractors, namely Rappler and its foreign sponsors, have magnified it to about 30,000 without presenting an iota of proof in an attempt to build a case against the President as if criminal cases are judged on the basis of preponderance of evidence and not guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

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Sison: At the same time, the revolutionary movement (CPP-NPA-NDF) has promised to the people that they will go after Duterte, his ruling clique for engaging in mass murder and plunder.

Aha now Sison speaks about a lynching mob. Now who has placed himself over the law but Sison himself based on this statement.

The communist boss is totally in denial that 24,000 of his cadres and accomplices, have already surrendered and taken advantage of the Balik-Loob Program of the Philippine government. Those who engage in battle of course are either killed in battle or arrested, tried and incarcerated.

So how would Sison, fulfill his death wish or whatever terrorist retribution he wants upon Duterte?

To be continued tomorrow, May 7, 2022.

Former Secretary of National Defense and illustrious senator Juan Ponce cannot hold his peace when it comes to Joma Sison.  |   Facebook Meme

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