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Second of a Series of Three: Demise of the Edsa Revolution

This continues Jose Maria Sison’s foray into normative society, in a desperate move to paint pink mainstreaming his communist fronts by feigning to participate in the country’s electoral process.

But as he slowly revealed in his effusions, he moves on his own terms not to recognize the system but to load it with a booby trap that will inspire his lawless followers to further attempt to take over power through destabilization of the administration and sabotage the seamless transition of power from President Rodrigo Duterte to his elected successor.

You can tell me later who his chosen collaborators are, one of which he has earlier consistently accused of being fascists.

Let us continue with his narrative in italics and my content analysis following.

Sison: Since observing the gigantic mass rallies mobilized by 1Sambayan last month, Duterte started to red tag, the alliance of the Pink Party with the Makabayan block and accused them of plotting a disruption of the elections. Why should they disrupt a process in which they are drawing the largest crowds of voters?

Again the cliché red-tag! Am I suspecting early signs of dementia on the man?

Sison in denial that an Anti-Terror Act of 2020 is now in effect, and his same-old, same-old, worn-out propaganda not longer applies to his mindset of the abolition of the old anti-sedition law by his yellow accomplices in 1992 during the Fidel Ramos administration  

The Act has duly constituted a “council” that has “found probable cause warranting the designation” of the 16 underground organizations of the Communist Party of the Philippines “as terrorist groups of persons, or associations for having committed or attempting to commit or conspire in the acts defined and penalized”.

This is calling a spade a spade. But in his jargon, a terrorist properly qualified is still just an activist, that can opt to kill another Filipino, perhaps mostly indigenous people, with impunity.

Intelligence operatives as well local government officials have identified many of these communists have joined Robredo’s political rallies.

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As he himself concedes, drawing large crowds is a just a process.

The real “survey” is really the May 9 votes by every qualified citizen of the land. The mandate is not given to those who exhibit the most “onions” (or sibuyas that they can photoshop).

The gigantic rallies are borne out of “hakots”, attendance in exchange for goods or cash, funded by proxies of foreign interests, some directly related to the foreign governments. I was mazed that the Anti-Money Laundering Council has been napping on its regulatory function in this respect.

Those were the “hakots” did not work, ended up in some photoshop artists computer for optics adjustments that puts to shame Jesus Christ’s multiplication of the loaves of bread and fish.

Following is a self-explanatory sampler.

Edited photos of Robredo rallies finds its way into the internet.

Sison: Duterte made a slip and speaking out his criminal hand, he indicates that he can make a false flag operation. He has also announced that he wants a seamless transfer of power, obviously to his chosen successor. This indicates that any time he can declare martial law and rig the elections in order to install his chosen successors and power.

Sison of course knows that Duterte was simply engaging pschycological warfare on foreigners who may wish to insult our sovereign resolve to have clean and honest elections.

But did he mention anything about the false flags that opposition candidate Panfilo Lacson exposed on Leni Robredo, who herself validated one version in a meme, which I quote, “Sigurado na ang panalo namin ni Kiko. Pag natalo kami ibig sabihin, nadaya tayo. Pag nadaya tayo, magkakagulo.” (Kiko and I are sure to win. If we lose, that means we were cheated. If we cheated, there will be mayhem.)

Sison: There is certainly, or at least a high probability that will cheat or rig the 2022 elections unless his US imperialist masters would decide to disbelieve his assurance that his successors would be able to continue the dirty work, finishing off the armed revolution, openly junk him and a screw for having already established the ruling system and allowed the opposition to have their electoral victory, as in 1986, when Marcos could not take advantage of his electoral cheating.

What Duterte dirty work is Sison assuming here? The defeat of the narcostate by international drug lords or a terror state either by Muslim jihadists or communist New Peoples’ Army? Six years of Build, Build, Build legacy that has been most in partnership with China – the list of achievements is long and substantial that the people are now voting for continuity over the yellow and pink vindictive cancel culture?

The prospects of cheating are more probable on the side of Leni Robredo. Regime change has never been of Filipino nationality but American. It started with Mark Malloch Brown, as an operative inserted in the Cory Aquino presidential campaign by neoconservatives around Ronald Reagan, headed by George Schultz and implemented on the top by Paul Wolfowitz.

Why Mark Brown is now the president of the Soros Open Society Foundation, and still is the chairman of Smartmatic Inc., the United States’ biggest fixer of vote counts and hacker of election results. The biggest open secret is that Smartmatic has built a mafia inside the Comelec that has been manipulating its seven commissioners from 2010 to 2019.

I hope Duterte’s false flag against these cheaters make a mark, those who will cheat finally brought to justice, and the mafia within dismantled by the Comelec commissioners. The new commissioners have already suspended sweetheart deals James Jimenez had brokered with Rappler as voter educator and Impact Hub for the debates organizer.

A role erstwhile dominated by legitimate media that do these events 24/7 has suddenly been contracted in favor of “middlemen”, just like vote count was outsourced to Smartmatic. You are a fool if you do not even suspect large amounts of monies changing hands using this business model.

Sison: But why should Bayan participate in the 2022 elections if Duterte will be able to use his power to rig the elections, and there is yet no certainty that it can be thwarted beforehand or after the rigging as in 1986? If you do not participate and others also do not participate in the elections, then how can you arouse, organize and mobilize billions of people to prove even before election day, that the top, most successes of Duterte are already discredited, isolated, and sure losers in the elections.

One of the wrong decisions of this half-baked strategist is having the CPP-NPA-NDF boycott the 1986 snap elections and the subsequent Edsa revolution. It was an acknowledged probability that his red army were already at the outskirts of Metro Manila but he froze. It was so humiliating for his progressive forces failing to take advantage of the schism in the Philippine military by virtue of the coup d’etat by the Reform the Armed Forces Movement.

Despite his inutility to the Edsa cause, Cory Aquino released this criminal from prison based solely on the earlier collaboration between the communists and her husband Ninoy. Prodded further by leftists like Jose Diokno, Lorenzo Tanada and Jovito Salonga, President Aquino even raised the ante by appointing communists in her cabinet. But they would settle for anything less than the whole, so eventually, Cory had to purge her official family to get rid of the leftists.

We have already mentioned the high approval and trust rating of the sitting president Duterte to belie Sison, and his claims that the President has turned into a lameduck.

Sison: If you call for a boycott of the elections, then Duterte and this click will not even have to cheat and you and the people will not have any reason to be angry about any cheating. It is not the role in task by the Makabayan Bloc other party-less groups to conduct themselves like the revolutionary forces of the people that are banned from participating in the 2022 elections and that are in favor of building the people’s revolutionary government in opposition to the reactionary state.

Again as earlier asserted, the CPP-NPA-NDF will not settle for anything less that the whole government. Sison and the communist terrorists will not settle for a mere role, they have to grab power.

What is unsettling here is that Sison speaks confidently of operating under the ambit of the imperialists that he has been up against, well at least in rhetorics which confirms that his refuge in Netherlands is not out of Dutch hospitality but the Americans.

Sison: There are times when legal Democratic forces can debate whether they ought to participate or boycott the election stage with the reactionary classes. But so far, with regard to the elections of 2022, there is still an opportunity wide enough for them to expose and oppose the electoral fraud and terrorism being prepared by the Duterte regime.

This too is redundant and has already been debunked but if Sison were to be believed this is what the conspiracy between the Robredo camp, the traditional yellows, the Americans and the communist terrorists has planned.

Shall we say straight from the horse’s mouth?

Sison: If the Duterte regime succeeds in putting in power his chosen successor, headed by Bongbong and Sara, there is the prospect of gigantic mass actions of people rising up to prevent the usurpation of power as in 1986, but it is also possible this may not arise as quickly as in February 1986.

Another loaded statement by Sison. There is no ifs here.  The greatest possibility is that there will be a seamless transfer of power from Duterte to a Bongbong Marcos succession to the presidency. All indicators show that eventuality.

I doubt it very much if the yellows and the pinks could still muster their “onions” after a disgraceful defeat of around than 35 percentile, which means Robredo has to overtake more than 20 million votes to be in the neck of woods of Bongbong Marcos.

Besides, will their oligarchic and foreign donors still fund the “onion” crowds for a losing vice president? What is their mechanism to deliver those “hakots” to the polling booths? By what algorithm will they play the electronic voting system?

Thus what will they try next? Riots to provoke a state of emergency?

The reverse may be more logical – the volunteer army of the BBM-Sara Uniteam would be the ones who will occupy Edsa and where all rhyme and reason departed from governance, a new order of government would arise – serving the best interest of the Filipino people.

To be continued tomorrow, May 7.


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