Mon. May 23rd, 2022
The crown returns to the people of the Republic.

Third of a Series of Three: Rise of the Philippine Phoenix

After building his scenario for anarchy, Jose Maria Sison, exposed himself as a lackey of a foreign power, to which he will submit his allegiance as a traitor to his Motherland, a fifth column to the Filipino people’s sovereignty over all of the Philippines. 

Accepting to replicate Edsa One that installed not the peoples’ elect as chief executive of the land, but the one he defeated. With only a power grab as mandate, this resulted to 30 years, from 1986 to 2016 of a governance of trials-and-error, the return of patronage politics, the revision of Philippine history to favor a cancel culture and its preeminence denial of the national interest.

Sison’s great error that he is in denial President’s Duterte’s election is a sign from Supreme Infinity heralding the demise of Edsa one, and the start of renaissance of a new internal order – for a regime of real chance where goodwill of the many who are rich and powerful must already give way to that of the poor and powerless. The king or queen of anarchy must already abdicate and return to the people, all sovereignty.

His greatest error is coming to even dream he subvert that Divine Plan of the Almighty tin favor of a clear and orderly transfer of that mandate to Duterte’s chosen successor.

See if by reading his next statement, you do not agree with me.

Sison: Because of that, they have already threatened to make a seamless transfer of power by declaring martial law in order to suppress the people and opposition forces through mass arrest, exemplary killings, censorship, confiscations, and other foul acts.

This may sound like a figment of the imagination of a deranged lunatic whose conclusions have no basis on the ground. A clear paranoiac attack in gtreat fear of the collaboration his communist terrorist have enjoyed for 30 years from Aquino the mother to Aquino the son.

He even prepositions expectations for a declaration of martial law by the next administration as a response to the destabilization his CPP-NPA-NDF would help foment. They succeeded with this mumbo-jumbo against Ferdinand Marcos Sr., they attempted it against Joseph Estrada and again succeeded. But with Duterte, they failed, and with Duterte’s chosen, they will fail miserably.

Sison: In that case, the alternative for the people is to resist in ways similar to those of the people who have dedicated themselves to the armed revolution. And suddenly, the people’s Democratic revolution through protracted people’s war will become stronger Because of the great political and economic crisis of the ruling system.

Sison’s rhetoric is going further and further into the communist paradigm, with norms falsely attributed to a small minority just because it is noisy. Is he saying here that because of a growing dissatisfaction the people will turn to his terrorists for solutions?

Only he and his ilk are dissatisfied with the achievement of the Duterte administration.

Sison: As the dominant power in the Philippines US imperialism will have to wait whether to believe that the Marcos-Duterte tandem, will be able to continue successfully the brutal campaign of anti-Communist oppression or let the Robredo-Pangilinan tandem take power and try to stabilize the situation as Cory Aquino did in 1986. I presume that the US knows the prospective real winner in the 2022 elections from the usual opinion poll survey that the CIA secretly directs from month to month before election day in the Philippines.

Finally, Sison reveals his true masters and pledges to go cahoots with American imperialistic adventures in the Philippines as he is expecting the United States to again enforce a regime change. This verifies that the Dutch government gave him his refugee status, not on his merits but due to American intervention. Sison wants the US to occupy the Philippines and have it run by Robredo as its proxy president.

Sison: If an Aquino type of regime like that of Robredo and Pangilinan will arise, we can expect the usual first six months to one year of the regime to be a period in which there will be public or third party clamor for resuming the GRP and the CPP peace negotiations and the contending parties will have to make their best possible responses to such clamor.

There is no love for the people here. Just a naked grab for power and tired delusions that peace talks with his communist terrorist group that could even max to power sharing with Robredo to running our democracy.

Sison: I would expect Bayan to be among those progressive forces putting forward its own timely people’s agenda to encourage substantive negotiations on social, economic, and political reforms under US imperialism, the big compradors and landlords and the reactionary military officers pressure the high bureaucrat capitalist in place to slow down on the peace negotiations and speed up the campaign of military suppression.

Note the phrase “under US imperialism.” Where is this coming from but from the accommodations Sison has been soaking in as its “honored guest” in Netherlands.

This plot is really just once again a power grab. After which, another puppet widow at helm, who will share power with Sison’s communists, provide them with peace talks to enable their demands to seep into the system. After six years of Duterte, one would think the CPP founder would change his style.

But no way Jose. The people will never tolerate another dark Edsa in our history.

Independent analysis

Tony Lopez, veteran journalist, editor of Businessweek and a regular columnist at the Manila Standard, advises a reality check and says let us not allow foreign powers to manipulate our elections and future!

His prediction: Political leanings, emotions, hatred and wishful thinking aside, it will be a Marcos-Duterte win. The political opposition and their sponsors have accepted that reality. They are prepared for it.

 He says the focus now is on modes of destroying the credibility of the elections, creating an image of massive electoral fraud, systematic irregularities, possibly, violence and large-scale violations of human rights. it will be validated by foreign independent observers supported by international media.

The show, he qualified, is not for the primary benefit of the local electorate but for the world stage, covered by international media, supported by statements, interviews by Nobel laureates and political leaders from liberal democracies not limited to the US and EU questioning the failure of democracy under a regime with a record of human rights violations, extra judicial killings and authoritarian leanings.


The veteran journalist explains the probable scenario, “What is trumpeted abroad are repeated images of massive overflowing pink rallies. News reports of overwhelming support from all sectors of society. From lawyers, doctors, pet owners and every group imaginable. News desks highlight, “son of of the ousted dictator” “thief” “tax cheat P203 Billion”. Interviews with legal luminaries, former government ministers, even retired generals.

“Social media will throttle, manage and silence influencers who run counter to the agenda. Fact checkers will step up efforts in the run up to the elections. The usual influencers supporting the winner will be watered down. Suspended. Restricted. Rendered inutile. Dry runs have started.

Robredo’s labyrinthine network to an illusion of victory. The links with Joma Sison was not included here because that was supposed to be covert until the idiot burned himself to make sure Robredo remembers if she wins.

“The election is a vehicle to propel a candidate to the presidency, ultimately; the attainment, consolidation and preservation of political power for as long as possible.

“There are other modes to attain those objectives.

“No Proclamation. Failure of Elections. Civil Disobedience. Violence. False flag operations. A coup d’etat. Forcing government to become repressive.

“All that is needed are voices of the few vocal ones in the minority, magnified by the media both domestic and international.”

Lopez reminds his readers that the ouster of Joseph Estrada wasn’t planned when he won. It was already in progress when his opponents accepted De Venecia and De Villa would not win.

Same thing here. Destroy Marcos-Duterte even before they win. Attaining political power is another thing entirely. It does not have to be an election.

“Be wary,” he quipped.

Tiglao, Steinbock confirms conspiracy

Authors Rigoberto Tiglao and Don Steinbock shares the same perspective.

But again, what the regime change architects are planning have been rendered obsolete by Mayor Duterte’s landslide victory in the last presidential; elections, crushing even default programming of Smartmatic.

The Filipino are just sick and tired of the thirty years of false promises for a better life from 1986 to 2016. To sum up, Duterte victory heralded the demise of Edsa as a revolution on the bridge to nowhere.

The American regime changers are good only at switching leaders, but never in good governance. Look at Ukraine today after Omidyar Network cooked their 2014 Second Orange Revolution, patterned after Edsa, to remove a pro-Russian president and replace him with an American puppet.

Liberal democracy is an ideology that fails whenever it cannot melt into the culture of a nation. There are definitely people who cannot be bribed with more freedom by a sponsor like the United States that thrive in conflict abroad while it cannot put its act together domestically.

It is the United States that seriously need not just a regime change but a systems-change. The Americans can continue to delude itself of its tenets of exceptionalism which is the foundation of its rules-based regime, but to the world it is dead.

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In the Philippines at the end of the day, the preeminence of the Armed Forces of the Philippines as the protector of the people and the State, will overrule all unwanted interference by the Americans and its dubious non-profit organizations and its Philippine counterparts like the Robredo Foundation, their homegrown oligarchs malefactors, the vicious drug-lords, insurgents communist or jihadist, and all their accompanying dilettantes, sycophants and demagogues.

On May 9, Bongbong Marcos will be elected by a supermajority, as the 17th President of the Republic of the Philippines.

A total reversal of the failed Edsa revolution, and a determined continuity of an unfinished revolution that Bonifacio and all our forebears began and that Ferdinand Marcos Sr. shaped for political liberation, economic emancipation and social concord.

A divine destiny that can no longer be stopped.

After 500 years of adject colonialism, the Philippine phoenix must rise!

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