Mon. May 23rd, 2022

It’s an overwhelming majority many never imagined can happen in the Philippines. Foreign observers, most of them from the western press, were stunned by the results of the elections.

Of course, there were problems with a few counting machines and potentially explosive family feuds in Maguindanao, but these were defused.

Election watchers from all parties never winked and the casting and counting of the ballots proceeded anyway. Some doubting Thomases cannot believe the transmission of results was that fast.

They had been used to the Jurassic system when returns from remote barangays have to be transported on horseback, police or military vehicles or choppers.

These days with thousands of communications towers erected nationwide, Internet reach and connectivity have vastly and technically improved.

If this is not possible, establishing wireless Internet connections is a cinch wherever needed. Gone too are our news correspondents’ days when the Comelec and the police beats were the most challenging and exciting given the armed conflicts and harassments which were commonplace then.

These days, even in areas perceived to be laden with critical election atmosphere, the situation was dreary.

The 9 May 2022 elections will go down in history as the most peaceful we ever had.

Thank you to the Philippine National Police and the military that had seen to it that everybody could exercise their right of suffrage. And thank you President Rodrigo Duterte.

All of the presidential contenders and their running mates, who garnered one percent and over, have formally conceded as early as the evening of the next day.

Isko Moreno, Ping Lacson, Manny Pacquiao and Norberto Gonzales gentlemanly accepted their defeat and called for reconciliation for the nation to heal and move on.

On the other hand, Leni Robredo initially issued a statement of concession. But consistent with her inconsistency, she later declared she will hire a team of “experts” to study the “irregularities” which she alone claimed happened in the 2022 elections.

As I write this piece, she, and running mate and fellow Liberal Kiko Pangilinan, still refused to concede.

Kiko insisted the counting is not yet over. What a pity. Walden Bello, another losing vice presidential candidate, true to form, is still barking. Nobody minds him anymore. 

Publicus Asia’s Exit Poll Final Results showed the following: Marcos — 58 percent, Robredo — 25 percent, Moreno — 7 percent, Pacquiao — 6 percent and Lacson — 3 percent. In the VP race, Duterte — 67 percent, Pangilinan — 16 percent, Sotto — 11 percent, Ong — 4 percent. Others shared the rest of 2 percent.

The last count I recorded from Halalan 2022 based on the Comelec transparency server; Bongbong Marcos garnered 31,072,141 votes against Leni Robredo’s 14,806,607.

That’s a yawning difference of 16,265,534 votes! If one thinks that is impressive, BBM’s VP mate, Inday Sara Duterte chalked in 31,524,311 votes against the 9,223,850 of Kiko Pangilinan.

That is 22,300,461 between winning Sara and losing Kiko that eloquently spells the disparity between victory and defeat.

What do these tell us? Bongbong and Inday Sara achieved a super-majority inconceivable in an election participated in by so many presidential and vice-presidential aspirants in the annals of history.

Closer to home, Marcos won in all provinces in Mindanao except in Lanao del Sur where he and Leni lost to Faisal Mangondatu. Pacquiao also knocked out Robredo in a number of provinces in Mindanao. Sara won in all including Lanao del Sur.

The western audience sadly swallowed a fodder of twisted facts fed mostly by Maria Ressa of Rappler.

She was among the convenors of 1Sambayan, a synod of oppositionist political characters organized by ex-Justice Antonio Carpio which self-destructed as quickly as it started.

Her lies earned her a Nobel Prize. That is how impressionable are members of the western press — believing in stories based on her so-called “truths” which are mostly contrived “facts.”

The foreign press cannot handle the truth. The truth that the Filipino electorates had seen the worst of years under the two Aquino administrations and the best under the brief six years of Rodrigo Duterte government.

They cannot accept the fact that the government that was forced by America on the Filipinos after fomenting the EDSA uprising was a bad alternative and the second chapter was the worst.

The repudiation of that intervention is expressed in the polls in 2016 and now more eloquently in 2022. Has the United States and its vainglorious press not seen enough?

Enough already!

I have lived long enough and stored in my memory bank episodes of fraud and election-related crimes and venalities that occurred in at least nine presidential elections. Without fear of contradiction (to borrow that cliche), I can say that the May 9, 2022 polls are the most peaceful.

Well, we have seen the long queues and some quirks like defective counting machines and brazen vote-buying by local candidates. Those are par for the course. In the area of peace and security, however, our Philippine National Police and the military did a splendid job of containing potentially explosive conditions in many hot spots in the country in the past.

The election is over. The disparities of numbers in the presidential and vice-presidential races are unprecedented in Philippine history it is shameless and pitiable for the losing parties not to concede defeat. 

Leni Robredo and Kiko Pangilinan are still clinging to a thin thread of hope. They are aware of their ignoble defeat but are hoping somewhere in the UP and Ateneo Campuses will ignite a civil disorder leading to people’s power.

What about the 1Sambayan that served as an umbrella for Leni’s pink forces, where former associate justice Antonio Carpio was lead convenor, and Rappler’s president Maria Ressa was a convenor?

Ressa insists a victory for Bongbong Marcos will mean more disinformation.

On the part of Carpio, Antonio Parlade posted a Facebook meme saying that when asked carped “the world will think we are crazy for bringing another Marcos back.”

Parlade reacted, “So what? Who cares about world opinion?

“Now BBM won overwhelmingly with 31M + votes, is Carpio saying now that indeed 31M Pilipinos are crazy?

“Kaninong kasalanan kung ganun ang pagtingin ng mundo sa atin? (Whose fault if that becomes the world view on us?)

“36 years after Edsa One, Nagising ngayon ang Pilipinas sa mga kasinungalingan ng Yellow nuon. Isinuka ang mga Dilawan na naging Pink. Baliw na ngayon ang tawag sa atin? (The country has awakened to the many lies of the Yellows. They vomited yellow to become Pink. Now he calls us crazy?)”

Addresssing Carpio, Parlade quipped, “Ikinahihiya mo nang maging Pilipino sir?” (You are ashamed of being a Pilipino?)

Enough already! It is precisely the overwhelming votes against the “Yellow” brand of governance that for the first time in our history the nation will have a president and a vice president elected by a super-majority.

Post proclamation, the US, China, and the Queen of England congratulated Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos as the elected President.

The US cognizance of a Marcos victory sends a strong message to Robredo’s camp that it is “game over”. Do not expect its 7th Fleet to send supersonic jets to drown the earsplitting decibels of the BBM-Sara’s overwhelming landslide!

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