Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

ABOUT US, new media for a new era

Thirty four years after the fabled People Power Revolution, we find ourselves facing the reality of a fourth state characterized by a confused press and convoluted community of media.

On one side are those captured by oligarchs, the ruling class, or ironically foreigners that are barred by the Philippine constitution from owning even a hint of media. On the other side, a dearth of practitioners claiming best efforts at objectivity in reporting the news and fair play in their interpretation.

Most of them, however, are corporations who serve the interests of the stockholders. Many profess serving the public, but many settle for either profits or power, at the obvious disadvantage of the stakeholders.

The history of press and media in the Philippines is dominated by what Renato Constantino calls “a poverty-breeding society, nurtured to widen the gap between a wealthy few and the impoverished majority.”

We take exception in the birthing of this new publication. We approach our beginnings from another point of departure.

We are a democratic and republican State where sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them.

So we chose to represent those where all power resides, whose expression is the will of the people. But whose interest on the ground is often sacrificed in the altar of corporate greed.

As a matter of editorial policy, we shall pursue the national interest in our aspiration to developing a national consciousness.

The defining strokes of this consciousness are political liberation, economic emancipation and social accord.

Welcome to The Sovereign.

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